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As we all know, the Republicans were dragged into Obamacare kicking and screaming, and they haven’t stopped since. This nationwide insurance program was designed to ensure that all Americans are able to be treated for disease and illness, as well as receive modern preventive care.

It is in the preventive care that American politics seems to falter, as they deem this to be nothing more than doctors visits, prescribed medications and lectures on how to live a healthier life. There are few allowances for medications that are actually proven to prevent disease, and even fewer on therapies that can help the body heal from the inside out.

One interesting preventive medicine technique that is used by those who practice alternative medicine is the use of heat waves to force disease causing toxins out of the body. Infrared therapy using a sauna has long been accepted as a superior method to cleansing the body, yet most insurance companies refuse to cover it. Instead, they would prefer to spend billions a year on treating diseases like cancer, which could have been prevented with the right type of techniques.

Luckily, an American can bypass the insurance company and purchase a portable infrared sauna to use at home. So long as the sessions are limited to 30 minutes, the body is getting the cleansing it needs without any negative side effects. These are also good for the mental health, as they promote relaxation for any person who enters. Check some review sites for infrared saunas and you will see for yourself just how much they are appreciated by those who use them.


Even chiropractic medicine is often questioned by the insurance companies, who will not readily pay for those services. Instead, they prefer the more expensive surgical methods to repairing slipped discs and other issues affecting an individuals mobility. These denials are putting a great strain on the American public, as it is they who eventually pay for those surgeries through increases in premiums.

While we appreciate the effort that was put into making Obamacare a reality, we cannot help but take it with a grain of salt. The Republicans heel dragging and refusal to understand the implications of accepting the benefits of alternative medicine will eventually lead to the death of a nationwide insurance system.

For now, we suggest that you receive the medical treatments that you are most comfortable with, and continue to work towards convincing the government what has been known around the world for thousands of years; sometimes the best approach to staying healthy is the easiest.

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Since the first ever Earth Day celebration more than four decades ago, the environmental conservation movement has been one of the most important social movements of our time, showcasing our care for the world around us and our desire to give our children a better world than the one we were born into. But after so much progress and so much positive impact the movement has made on the world over the years, is it possible that the environmental conservation movement is dying out, and is it possible that it’s already over? (Our friends at Hunter Insight dont think it is)


Earth from Space with Stars

Perhaps the biggest problem that the movement has is the issue of global climate change, which was once thought to be its biggest accomplishment. Scientific evidence that humans are causing global climate change that are causing temperatures and ocean levels to rise, throwing the world into chaos, and that only human action could reverse it was thought to be a rallying cry for the environmental conservation movement and something that could bring the world together. Instead, it’s become a fiercely contested political issue that has divided the public, not to mention lawmakers, into believers and non-believers. Global warming becoming such a partisan issue, especially among those with the power to create change, has in many ways stopped the environmental conservation movement dead in its tracks, halting progress and causing some to turn on those who continue to push for change.

Another issue that has been a huge detriment to the environmental conservation movement is the financial crisis that started last decade. The world economy being thrown into turmoil turned a great deal of attention away from the environment and toward what many people believed to be a more pressing issue, causing the environmental movement to lose momentum. Even with the economy stabilizing to a certain extent, it remains an area of concern and uncertainty for many, meaning that money, resources, and attention that could otherwise go to environmental causes is spent worrying about the economy, keeping the environmental conservation movement on the backburner.

Ironically, the success of the environmental conservation movement may have played a hand in its ongoing demise. The fact that there is an Earth Day every year and that the Environmental Protection Agency exists to take care of environmental issues makes it easier for people to forget the issues at hand and believe that there are others taking care of them. In a way, we’ve taken the environmental conservation movement further than most of us thought it would go when Earth Day first started decades ago, leading some to be content with the progress and unwilling to push for more. (We personally wonder if the downward trend in support for earth day looks to affect health of the population)

Clearly, the progress and the momentum built up by the environmental conservation movement over the past few decades has lost steam, but does that mean it’s over? Absolutely not. It’s certainly not a front-page issue, and that’s a problem, especially since at times it seems like only a catastrophe can bring it back to the forefront of people’s minds. But as long as Earth Day is on the calendar every year, as long as the EPA exists, and as long as there are people continuing to fight to bring awareness and change to environmental issues, the environmental conservation movement will never be over.

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There’s no doubt that the agriculture industry is far different than it was even a few decades ago. So much of the focus is on the mass production of products, often sacrificing quality for quantity. This doesn’t tend to sit well with cooks who make their livelihood in a kitchen, especially those at high-profile restaurants that are always striving to put the best food possible on the table for their customers. But without major changes being made to the agriculture industry, those high-caliber chefs (such as our friends at culinary dreaming) will be in the minority.

But there may be some things that cooks can do to change the manner in which the agriculture industry operates. The chefs at influential and well-known restaurants have a chance to wield great amounts of power. By finding different ways to work around the practices that have become common in the agriculture industry, cooks can take away some of the power of the industry and slowly revolutionize agriculture as we’ve come to know it.

One thing that chefs have started to do in order to have an impact on the agriculture industry is bring their own ingredients into the kitchen. Cooks are not only apt at preparing food, but many of them are adept at growing food as well. With their own piece of land, cooks can produce fruits, vegetables, and possibly even meat just the way they like and utilize that food in their restaurant. This allows them to create organic and high-quality food to serve their customers, which may help to increase the desire for organic food amongst the general population.

Even if cooks don’t have the land necessary to farm, along with the restaurants they cook for they may be able to set up gardens or greenhouses in which to grow fresh and organic food. Even restaurants in large cities will be able to find a patch of land not too far away in which to set up their garden or greenhouse, giving cooks the freedom to use the ingredients they want. Using this method of producing food in house helps to bypass the need to get those products from sources within the agriculture industry. If enough chefs take this approach, they’ll influence other cooks to do the same and ultimately make a big enough dent in the bottom line of the agriculture industry to create change.

This may seem like a slow and methodical process, and it is, but a cook choosing to produce his or her own ingredients in lieu of accepting what’s being produced by the agriculture industry is the best way of creating change. Without a large group of chefs finding alternative ways of getting their hands on high-quality, organic ingredients, there’s no incentive for the agriculture industry to change. If enough cooks and restaurants can continue to work with ingredients they produce themselves, they can slowly but surely revolutionize the agriculture industry.

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You probably have seen it in a movie, how a hunter skillfully throwing a tomahawk axe. For such a sharp tool, you might think it as something that is very easy to use. And you probably wanted to try it yourself, isn’t it?

However, you have to remember that tomahawk axe is a weapon used for hunting, chopping and cutting. It has a sharp blade capable of cutting anything that come contact with it. In the past, hunters were using it to hunt. It also serves as a survival tool, for protection   and defense.

Purpose and Use

According to history, tomahawk axes were used originally by Indians. It is a multipurpose tool, a weapon and most of all a ceremonial piece and often offered as a diplomatic gift. In today’s time, tomahawk seems to evolve, not only with its design, but of its uses.

Some soldiers are also carrying their best tactical tomahawk during combat as a multiuse survival tool. Tomahawk axe is also an essential tool that campers and mountaineers need to have. It is now considered a sensible solution tool during their travel. All its uses signify its importance to the public.

Tomahawk Axes are Too Dangerous for the General Public

The Danger

Nowadays, tomahawk axe seems to have a far more different purpose. Many people are now considering it as a sport, as a form of amusement or even just a pass time. Tomahawk throwing is now considered as a satisfying and a relaxing activity.

However, tomahawk axes can totally impose danger to the public. Throwing it requires skills and can be risky if now properly done. Just one single mistake that you do when throwing it, might end you up or someone in a hospital. Remember, it is not a toy; it is a sharp cutting tool.

But if you are really in for some extreme action of throwing an axe, make sure that you have a skilled person to teach you. Take note that you should be in a place, away from people. You can also keep the axe blade dull. Having a super sharp blade doesn’t make it perfect, but the throw.

Safety First

Above all, safety is always the number one priority. And the best way to do it is to stay away from things that can bring you harm. Although many people enjoy throwing tomahawk axes, not everyone can do it with a knack. Unlike the scenes that you see in a movie where an axe man killed his target with ease and still manage to retrieve the axe, it will never be similar in the real world.

Tomahawk axe has its own purpose, as much as possible, use it as it is designed and made!

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Should Kids Be Allowed To Tan?

December 22nd, 2014

Man tanWhat is tanning by the way? By tanning we mean changing the skin color into a dark or bronze complexion. Tanning popularity started decades ago, the sun was the only source to attain a “sun kissed” skin tone. Nowadays, a good number of artificial or manmade means have come about. The production of suntan lotion, tanning spray and the like have emerge over the years, same with tanning salons and the use of tanning beds. While adult men and women fascination with tan color never seems ending, would it be ok for kids to tan?

Ways to Tan

  1. Sun Tanning – this is a natural way to get a tan. Frequent exposure to the sun rays increases melanin production giving that darker complexion. Since the sun is a natural source, kids’ exposure to this is beneficial, not only do they get natural tan but they also increase absorption of vitamin D in their bodies which gives a lot of benefits especially for the little ones.
  2. Spray Tanning– Spray tanning is an alternative to tanning in the sun or in a tanning bed. Many spray tan locations have recently added this service as spray tan training becomes more popular.


Just remember not to let your kinds overdo it. In many cases too much sun exposure can give sun burn which can be painful and irritating especially to young vulnerable skin. The use of proper sun screen – take note I said sun screen and not sun block, can help prevent sun burn.


  1. Tanning Products – this is the preferred practice to get that bronze skin. This method is safest compared to that of tanning beds and sun bathing. The proper use of tanning lotion or other tanning products are safe even for children – introducing them to such method can be a start of a good step towards healthful tanning for the rest of their lives.


  1. Tanning salons (tanning bed) – tanning bed is no different from lying under the sun only it is more damaging. Tanning bed lamps produce more powerful UVB and UVA rays in order to get deep tan faster. This is definitely not recommended for kids.


Why salon tanning is a NO NO for kids

Tanning salon or tanning beds is a big no for kids because of the more powerful UV rays use in tanning beds that are very dangerous to young skin. These rays are longer thus they penetrate the basal area of the skin causing deeper damage. Kids, especially teens sometimes feel that they are immortal, but they aren’t. They should be educated that malignant melanoma or skin cancer doesn’t only affect old people, for all they know it can be growing and spreading without them feeling sick, it can start as a skin patch they don’t even notice.

Research shows that if you start tanning through this method at age 15 and goes regularly until you are 25, it’s just a matter of time before you develop malignant melanoma.  Other skin damage that can be caused by tanning beds are premature aging, suppression of immune system, cornea damage and even burns. You wouldn’t want these to happen to your kids, right?

There is a restriction for children and teenagers below 18 years old about smoking, sadly when it comes to tanning salons there are none and yet they pose the same disease – Cancer! Parents are responsible for their children and it is important to guide them in everything and every choice they make. Open communication with your kids especially with your teenagers about the reasons for wanting a tan and proper procedures for doing so will go a long way towards protecting their health.

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In the late 1960’s, the United States Federal Government began offering incentives to states who enacted motorcycle helmet laws. Less than a decade later, forty-seven states had obliged. Since then, the issue of whether motorcyclists should be forced to wear a helmet has been a hot topic in the US and neighboring Canada. After reading reviews like this, one might think they are necessary, but some states think differently.

Reporting on hot topics like this can be challenging for a journalist, especially when it comes to remaining unbiased. Just the facts please are not easy to state when you have your own strong views on the topic. Excellent journalists are those who can take a topic such as motorcycle helmet laws and write the facts in such a way that the reader is able to draw their own conclusion at the end of the article instead of being nudged in any one direction.

For example, take a look at these two sentences:

  • Children’s motorcycle helmets are designed to protect them from suffering fatal head injuries in a motorcycle crash.
  • Children’s motorcycle helmets are a great way to protect them from suffering fatal head injuries in a motorcycle crash.

By just rewording one small part of that sentence, the reader is subtly nudged towards believing that motorcycle helmet laws are a good thing. Since this is not a news publication, I am free to write that second sentence and even expand on it by giving my personal view that all motorcyclists should always be equipped with a motorcycle helmet (a half helmet all the way up to a full blown communications helmet with bluetooth – anything is better than nothing. Whoops, there goes my unbiased credibility!). If I were writing for my newspaper column, I would be restricted to using the first sentence only, with no elaboration on my personal opinion.

This can be a difficult feat to accomplish, especially when the subject matter is something that hits close to home.


I saw this happening during the aftermath of the Ferguson decision not to indict as I watched CNN from home. There were a number of different reporters out in the city that night, expected to give an accurate description of what was happening without offering any opinion about it. This proved to be difficult, even for the most seasoned of journalists and reporters whose view you could clearly recognize in the words that they were using.

There always has to be a level of professionalism when it comes to journalism. Those events can be blamed in part by the media, who in many cases were not representing an unbiased telling of what had happened during the entire story as it unfolded.

What if the same were done back in the ‘60’s when the movement towards mandatory motorcycle helmets was first begun? There were few statistics to support the governments plan, and a lot of resistance in enacting it. Had the public been swayed to fight those laws then by the reporters who were writing about it, there is a chance that they never would have been enacted. Consider the number of lives that have been saved as a result of allowing the public to make up their own minds. As journalists, we have a responsibility to not fuel any fire in any direction, but only to report on which way the wind is blowing it.

Learn more about what I’m up to here.

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The number of potentially great politicians who bomb at speech giving is astonishing. When you are giving a speech meant to get people excited about your campaign, it is imperative that it be energetic and uplifting. The way in which you express your words are as important as the words themselves. Follow these tips that I picked up over my career if you want to get a large group of voters jumping up and down ready to give your their vote.

Where to Begin

Starting your campaign speech starts with you alone musing the issues that are important to you. Think about what is going on in the current political climate and the issues that get voters up in arms. Then articulate your own feelings on the topic in a short blurb of around 20 words that can be used as a quick response to the question of why you are running.

Now expand on that blurb. Find personal examples of why this issue is important to you. Maybe you are basing your platform on healthcare reform, or want to fix the economy. Whatever you feel most passionate about should be at the center of your campaign speech.

Once you have your ideas in place, try these tips for constructing them into a speech that will both awe and inspire your potential followers:

  • Write the way you talk. When we actually write our thoughts down on paper, or type them, we have a tendency to suddenly turn into Harvard scholars. Even if you are a Harvard scholar, your voters aren’t. Once you write your speech, speak it, and make changes that will make it sound more natural instead of like a robot.
  • Have an obvious beginning, middle and ending for your speech. Too many new politicians forget the ending and leave their audience hanging.
  • Make sure that the speech is appropriate for the group you are addressing. This means you may have to change things up a bit. The speech you are giving to a woman’s rotary club should not sound the same as the one you are giving to local firehouses.
  • It is okay to be funny, but not offensive. To any group. There is a reason for the term politically correct, learn it and live by it whenever you are speaking in public.
  • Practice. Practice. Give the speech to your wife (or husband) your kids, your dog. Basically anyone who will listen. The more you practice it, the more natural you will sound when giving it.
  • Look the part of an aspiring politician. Wear the right clothes and always be properly groomed. If you have a facial hair, use a beard trimmer daily (if it’s long, make sure it’s well cleaned and styled, potentially with wax). Make sure your clothes are fashionable, yet understated. Unfortunately, once you choose to enter the political world, you must keep up these appearances even if you are outside mowing the lawn.

It is common knowledge that the introduction of television and the ability to actually see political debates up close is what cost Nixon the presidency to Kennedy. Don’t let this happen to you. Always be ready to shine in the limelight with a well prepared campaign speech that sounds natural, and an appearance that inspires confidence in voters.

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Should Air Rifles Be Banned?

October 11th, 2014

Ban Air RiflesTen year old boy dies from air rifle accident….Teen dead after air rifle incident…Toddler shot in the head by air rifle…. Warning after cat is shot by airgun in Penpals…These are some of the common headlines we see, hear and read in various newspaper articles published or aired on TV or radio. Reading these articles elicit fear and rage among netizens and people everywhere. There have been a great number of debates and discussions about the use of an air rifle weighing the pros and cons or arguing on whether or not they should be banned or regulated.

A definitive resolution has yet to be reached. Given these circumstances shouldn’t these inspire action on the part of the government? Air rifles, also called as pellet guns, by definition are devices that fire projectile objects through compressed air. It typically propels metallic projectiles such as pellet, BBs, arrows or some use plastic projectiles. It has a variety of uses such as hunting, pest control, recreation and competitive sports.

Over the years, air rifles have become extremely popular. Some consider it as a fun and inexpensive way to learn how to shoot a firearm. On the other hand, it is a great gift to give to friends and family members especially young boys. But have they ever thought to consider the consequences of what such a thing could lead to. Air rifles may appear relatively harmless but in fact they could be potentially lethal weapons. Taking into consideration some of consequences of using an air rifle which include injuries whether accidental or intentional could be deadly or fatal.

According to statistics the most common serious air rifle injuries involve the eyes and fatalities have been recorded from penetrative injuries to the head, chest or neck and these mostly involve children and small animals. Most of these incidents result from accidental shooting of a family member, friend or relative in the absence of adult supervision. Another thing is some of the newer versions of air rifles actually could be mistaken for a real gun and could be used for other crimes such as robbery, theft or intimidation which could lead to an increase in the crime rate of the country.

All in all, they are weapons that fire projectiles without the risk of gun powder burn which are considered deadly. Most air rifle enthusiast would argue that injuries from air rifles result from accidents but if you were to think about it if the most regimented state or the most careful person on the face of the planet was to handle a air rifle would most likely cause an incident.

As a solution, air rifles should be banned by the government. Banning them is getting rid of the root cause of the problem so that it would no longer spread. If air rifles were no longer available, no one would be accidentally shot and fatalities would be prevented since there would not be any weapons to do so which would ultimately lead to peace and order. It would also help people sleep better at night knowing that such lethal weapons are prohibited and no child or small animal would be accidentally hit by a stray pellet from a pellet gun.
In conclusion air rifles might be useful in some ways but ultimately they pose a threat to human and animal lives and they should be banned.

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Why Opt For Dental Insurance?

September 24th, 2014

Most of us are aware that keeping a healthy body is the key to succeeding in everything that we do. This is why we opt for a health and dental insurance that will help us be on track when it comes to keeping a healthy lifestyle. However, what is quite alarming is that, most of us are aware of this, but not all of us can afford to take this seriously.

Dental Health

Some of us set aside the idea that we still need to take good care of out teeth as it is part of our overall hygiene and neglecting this can as well affect our overall health. There are individuals who find opting for dental insurance quite challenging as they currently cannot afford to do so. The reason behind this is they don’t have a job. For you to be able to maximize the benefits of this kind of health insurance is that you need to be employed first.

Oral care is essential for all of us (even the US president). If we want to make the most out of our lives, we should believe in the saying that health is wealth. If you can start with obtaining a good dental insurance, you can assure yourself as well as your family members that you can live a healthier life.

Neglecting dental services especially when you need it can affect your daily lifestyle. Because of unhealthy teeth and gums you may find yourself shying away from the public and even from your boss which may lead to you being unnoticed and isolated at your workplace. Of course, you don’t want this happening. So, if you have that opportunity to make use of your dental insurance, you should start maximizing its benefits and use it.

One can improve oral health with a dental care insurance. Aside from your usual brushing and flossing, you can get extended help in maintaining the cleanliness of your teeth and gums as well as your oral hygiene. If you have dental insurance, you can easily get dental help periodically according to the dental coverage that you or your employer signed for.

Now, if you want to make sure that you are free from dental diseases which may eventually cause complications to your overall health, you must make sure that you make use of your dental insurance accordingly. Not only will you be free from oral diseases but you can as well avail of regular dental check-ups and be given the appropriate treatments and examinations to make sure that your teeth and gums are healthy as they should be.

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abortion is murder

One of today’s most controversial topics in North America, and even the world, is that of the right of women (and men?) to choose to have an abortion. Not only have the number of abortions performed in the United States increased exponentially since the 1970s when the procedure was made legal, also on the rise in the US is infertility in women. This severe juxtaposition comes into play for a variety reasons.

Today, women often may choose not to get married until later in life, possibly after starting a career. Or they may decide to postpone trying to have a baby until their most prime child-bearing years are beginning to wane. As women wait later and later, or have trouble getting pregnant because of medical conditions such as endometriosis or ovary problems, many of them pay a great deal of money to see fertility specialists and make every effort to try to get pregnant. Couples purchase the best ovulation kits, and they track their cycles so that they can know exactly when they are most likely to conceive. Continue reading »

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